Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New West Papua Report Out

Here is the summary of the August 2009 West Papua Report - the full report is here

Summary: The West Papua Advocacy Team was among the many international organizations which called for justice regarding violence which took the lives of three people in the area of the Freeport gold and copper mine in West Papua in July. A WPAT statement warned that in past violent episodes associated with Freeport, the role of the military was ignored despite evidence of its involvement. The statement also noted that in the past such Freeport incidents have led to retribution and injustice meted out against innocent Papuans. Papuan church leaders have called for an end to the persecution of innocent Papuans in the Timika area by Indonesian security forces. More than 50 U.S. non-governmental organizations urged the U.S. government not to begin training programs or other assistance benefiting Indonesian special forces (Kopassus). In making the case for continued prohibitions on such cooperation, the organizations noted in particular Kopassus's long record of abuse and impunity in West Papua. International criticism over the arrests and prosecution of Papuans in Nabire continued to grow. Human Rights Watch issued an appeal calling for an end to the prosecution of political prisoners in West Papua. Papuans have launched a legal suit against the Indonesian government over its collusion with the giant mining firm PT Freeport which has caused enormous damage to Papuan lives and land. Statistics released by the Indonesian government underscore that Papuans continue to endure poverty at disproportionate numbers relative to migrants and transmigrants. Indonesia continues to seek international respect in the area of human rights protection but at the same time continues to persecute peaceful demonstrators, especially those who display the banned "morning star flag."

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