Tuesday, December 6, 2011

West Papua Report December 2011: Central Highlands targeted, Repression as policy, Climate Change, Sp Autonomy

Read the December 2011 West Papua Report

POLRI GEGANA anti-terrorism troops attacking peaceful flag raisers,
Taokou Village, East Paniai, December 1 (West Papua Media)

  • Security Forces Again Target Civilians in Papuan Central Highlands
  • New Reports on Security Force Attack on Papuan Congress, Call for Accountability
  • Brutal Repression in West Papua: A Product of Rogue Security Forces or Yudhoyono Administration Policy?
  • Where Are Indonesia's Indigenous Voices In The Climate Change Debate?
  • Special Autonomy: A Strategy for Subjugation
  • Peaceful Papuans Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Raising of Papuan National Flag

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