Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ETAN, Lao Hamutuk and Rede ba Rai as Hillary Clinton travels to Timor-Leste

ETAN to Secretary of State Clinton: Commit the U.S. to work for justice for U.S.-backed crimes in Timor-Leste

On the eve of her visit to Timor-Leste, the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) urged Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to commit the United States to support justice and accountability for U.S.-backed crimes committed during Indonesia's 24-year occupation of Timor-Leste.
"'We appreciate ongoing U.S. engagement with Timor-Leste, but there is unfinished business between our two nations. Secretary Clinton' should acknowledge and begin to make amends for U.S. leading role in aiding and abetting Indonesia's brutal takeover of Timor,' Miller added. 'At a minimum she should officially receive the report of Timor-Leste's Truth, Reception and Reconciliation Commission's (CAVR) and set a timetable for a detailed U.S. response.'"

Lao Hamutuk writes to Hillary Clinton on justice


"Today, your visit to our country; coincides with the day, when thirteen years ago we were living in situations of anguish, tears and bloodshed. We hope your visit will give us hope for our wounds, wipe our tears and also relieve our thirst for justice."

Rede ba Rai writes Hillary Clinton on the people’s land rights


"Land is fundamental to the lives of all Timorese people. Land is fundamental as a living space, it is fundamental to our society, our culture, our identity, our ecology, our economy and how we ensure equal distribution of resources and benefits in our communities.
"Therefore civil society asks Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton during her visit to Timor-Leste to guarantee that the US Government will not abandon the Timorese people who have already been involved in land registration in Timor-Leste through the SPRTL program (Strengthening Property Rights in Timor-Leste) and the INR (Ita Nia Rai) project."

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