Thursday, February 13, 2014

Write Secretary of State Kerry on his visit to Indonesia

Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Indonesia this coming  Feb. 15 weekend. Please send him a message for human rights and justice on his visit. Please let us know if you send a message. Thanks John for ETAN

You can:

* Visit the U.S. Embassy Facebook Page ( ) and leave Secretary of State Kerry a message about human rights;

* On Twitter write to @usembassyjkt, @johnkerry with hashtag #MenluKerry.

Messages can address any of the following; be creative, be polite:

* Support justice for U.S.-backed crimes during the Indonesian occupation.

* End support for Indonesia's security forces, especially Kopassus, Detachment 88 and others involved in repression in West Papua and elsewhere.

* Apologize for U.S. backing of the 1965 coup in Indonesia.

* Urge Indonesia's president SBY to fulfill his pledge to bring the authors of the murder of human rights activist Munir to justice.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Secretary Kerry:

    When you speak with Indonesian president S. B. Yudhoyono, please remind him that the East Timorese are still waiting for the prosecution of Indonesian security forces responsible for crimes against humanity committed during the 25 years of illegal occupation of their land.
    And not only East Timorese, but all persons who believe that human rights should be protected and their violation punished.
    With best wishes
    Jakob Schmidt
    Stony Brook NY