Tuesday, December 6, 2011

West Papua Report December 2011: Central Highlands targeted, Repression as policy, Climate Change, Sp Autonomy

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POLRI GEGANA anti-terrorism troops attacking peaceful flag raisers,
Taokou Village, East Paniai, December 1 (West Papua Media)

  • Security Forces Again Target Civilians in Papuan Central Highlands
  • New Reports on Security Force Attack on Papuan Congress, Call for Accountability
  • Brutal Repression in West Papua: A Product of Rogue Security Forces or Yudhoyono Administration Policy?
  • Where Are Indonesia's Indigenous Voices In The Climate Change Debate?
  • Special Autonomy: A Strategy for Subjugation
  • Peaceful Papuans Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Raising of Papuan National Flag

Two perspectives on December 7, 1975 and its aftermath

Two perspectives on December 7, 1975 and its aftermath

Do not forget those who suffered on 7 December 1975 and beyond
From Timor-Leste's Asosiasaun Vitima Konfitu 74-99 (National Victims' Association)

7 December is a historic day for Timorese people. An unforgettable day for all, but a day least forgotten by the many people who are still suffering everyday from the bitter consequences of the Indonesian invasion of Timor Leste.

7 December 1975 was the starting point of human rights abuses and suffering for the Timorese people. Suffering that would last beyond the 24-year invasion. 36 years on from this tragic day, little has been done to help those who suffered the most, and continue to suffer. While 7 December cannot be erased from our memories, the date can become a catalyst for a new context, a time of healing.

30 October 2011 marked 6 years since the CAVR report Chega! was given to the Parliament of Timor Leste by the President at the time Xanana Gusmao. That report recommended reparations for the victims who suffered during the Indonesian invasion, yet to date there is no state policy for reparations. Instead, it appears the political position has been to forget the past in an attempt to hide the fact that problems still exist as a result of the invasion.

Last week, President Ramos-Horta (again) called upon Parliament to pass law to grant amnesties to perpetrators of mass violence and human rights abuses to enable these people to live free from fear of prosecution. It is an insult to the to victims of those abuses that they have been abandoned by the state while the perpetrators of the atrocities garner the politicians’ support.

 Indonesian Parachute, 7 Dec 1975. From Timor Archives