Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help wanted in analyzing proposed environmental law

UPDATE: La'o Hamutuk's analysis of the law can be found here 

La'o Hamutuk is seeking help in analyzing and proposing improvements to Timor-Leste's draft environmental law. On their blog they write:
In late January, Timor-Leste's Secretary of State for Environment circulated a Portuguese-language draft of a basic Environmental Law (also PDF) for limited public consultation.... The Secretary accepted La'o Hamutuk's request to extend the comment period until the end of February. 
La'o Hamutuk has done a preliminary computer-assisted translation of the draft law into English (also PDF), and we are asking people and organizations to make your own submissions or to email us with ideas, suggested changes or other analysis which will help us write ours.
The law has many good aspects, including recognition of the precautionary principle, "polluter pays," the importance of greenhouse gas emissions, public consultation,tara bandu, and community involvement. But it also contains significant loopholes and gaps -- and leaves most specifics for subsequent decree-laws.
La'o Hamutuk plans update its webpage on the law as its receive comments, analysis or new information.