Thursday, October 18, 2012

Support East Timorese Marathoners in NYC

UPDATE:  The East Timorese runners were unable to make it to New York in time for the marathon, which ended up being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. ETAN will not be organizing cheering this year, but we look forward to doing so next year. 


Sunday, November 4, 2011Support East Timorese Marathoners
Once again, two of Timor-Leste's top long-distance runners are participating in the New York City Marathon on November 4.
And once again, ETAN will be cheering them on!

Meet at the southwest corner of 4th Ave. and Bergen St. in Brooklyn at 10 am. to wave Timor flags, carry supportive signs (make and bring one if you can), and otherwise show our support for the runners. Don't forget to change your clocks the night before to end daylight savings.

Later in the day, we plan to move to a spot near the finish line along Central Park South.

For more information or contact, 917-690-4391

More details and updates on Facebook o

Nearest subway is Atlantic Avenue: D, N, R, 2, 3, 4, 5, B, Q

About the Timorese runners:
Zeferino Guterres Magalhaes is from Viqueque, but currently lives in Liquica with his wife. He is 34 years old, and ran a time of 2h36m at the SEA games last year. Zeferino has consistently been in the top three of the Dili Marathon, but was unable to finish this year. However Calisto (who ran in last year's NYC marathon) and won the Dili event has now retired as an athlete and become a trainer. As he had already been to New York, he is happy for Zeferino to represent Timor-Leste.

Marquita dos Santos is from Lospalos and studying at Nino Konis Santana Senior High School in Lospalos. She is 18 years old and has been running since 2009. She participated 3 Km in Arafura games winning third place. She placed fourth in SEA games in 5 km. She speaks Indonesia and understand a little English and Portuguese. She lives with her parents in Lospalos.

see here for information about Timorese runners in last year's marathon

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What does Timor-Leste need after UNMIT?

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Tetum iha kraik.  You can download this invitation in English and Tetum from .
La’o Hamutuk Public Meeting
What does Timor-Leste need from the International Community after UNMIT’s mandate ends?

Tuesday 23 October 2012.    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Dili University (UNDIL), Mascarenhas, Dili
Uphill from the Alola Foundation, across from the former CNE office

La’o Hamutuk invites the public to participate in a discussion about the mandate of UNMIT in Timor-Leste which will finish this December.

During the mandates of the UN in Timor-Leste since 1999, UN assistance has helped achieve some good results, such as the creation of a democratic state under rule of law, with peace and security. Unfortunately UNMIT has not yet implemented some important commitments, including ending impunity for crimes against humanity committed during the Indonesian occupation. In addition, the UN and the State of Timor-Leste have not yet chosen a sustainable and inclusive development path.

The people of Timor-Leste, together with our leaders, must take responsibility for these gaps after UNMIT leaves.


  • Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Shigeru Mochida: Reflections on the successes of UN missions in Timor-Leste and what remains to be achieved 
  • RDTL Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Luis Guterres: Reflections on hopes for what the UN Missions were not able to do during their time in Timór-Leste 
  • Representative, ETAN, Jill Sternberg: International solidarity from ETAN now and in the future after UNMIT ends 
  • Director, Fundasaun Mahein, Nelson Belo: The Security Sector after UNMIT’s mandate finishes 
  • Researcher, La’o Hamutuk, Inês Martins: Sustainable development after UNMIT finishes 
This public meeting will be in Tetum and English. We are grateful for your attention and participation.


Enkontru públiku La’o Hamutuk nian
Saida mak Timór-Leste presiza husi Komunidade Internasionál hafoin mandatu UNMIT remata?
Tersa feira 23 Outubru 2012,  tuku 09:00 dadeer to’o 01:00 lokraik
Fatin: Universidade Dili (UNDIL) Maskariñas, Dili
Fundasaun Alola nia leten ba, Ex. Edifísiu CNE nia oin

La’o Hamutuk konvida públiku atu mai partisipa diskusaun relasiona ho mandatu UNMIT iha Timór-Leste nia ne’ebé sei remata iha fulan Dezembru tinan ida ne’e.

Durante mandatu Nasoins Unidas iha Timór-Leste dezde 1999, ONU nia asisténsia ajuda atinje rezultadu balu di’ak, hanesan kriasaun estadu direitu demokrátiku, ho dame no seguransa. Infelizmente, UNMIT seidauk implementa kompromisu importante balun, inklui hakotu impunidade husi krime kontra umanidade ne’ebé akontese durante okupasaun Indonézia. Ida seluk, UN no estadu Timór-Leste seidauk hili polítika ba dezenvolvimentu ho diresaun ida ne’ebé sustentável no inklusivu.

Lakuna hirak ne’e povu Timór-Leste hamutuk ho nia ukun na’in sira mak tenke simu responsabilidade hafoin UNMIT sai.

Oradór sira:

  • Vice-Reprezentante Espesiál Sekretáriu Jerál ONU, Shigeru Mochida: Reflesaun kona ba susesu ne’ebé Misaun ONU halo iha Timór-Leste no saida mak seidauk atinje 
  • Ministru Negósiu Estranjeiru, RDTL nian José Luis Guterres: Reflesaun kona ba esperansa ba buat ne’ebé misaun ONU la konsege halo durante nia misaun iha Timór-Leste 
  • Reprezentante ETAN, Jill Sternberg: Solidariedade Internasionál husi ETAN agora no ba futuru hafoin UNMIT remata 
  • Diretór Fundasaun Mahein, Nelson Belo: Analiza setór seguransa hafoin mandatu UNMIT remata 
  • Peskizadór La’o Hamutuk, Inês Martins: Dezenvolvimentu sustentável hafoin misaun UNMIT remata 

Enkontru públiku ne’e la’o iha lian Tetum no Inglés. Mak ne’e de’it ami nia konvite ba ita boot sira nia atensaun no partisipasaun la haluha hato’o obrigadu barak.

West Papua Report October 2012

Note: With this edition, West Papua Report has changed format: The Report leads with "Perspective," an opinion piece; followed by an "Update," a summary of some developments during the covered period; and a "Chronicle" which lists of statements, new resources, appeals and action alerts related to West Papua. Anyone interested in contributing a Perspective or responding to one should write to The opinions expressed in Perspectives are the author's and not necessarily those of WPAT or ETAN.

Perspective: The New York Agreement: 1962-2012
  • US Apache Helicopters Seen as "A Means of Destruction for Papua"
  • Papuan NGO's Collecting Donations for Political Prisoners Harassed by Police
  • New Zealand Fund Divests from Freeport over Human Rights/Security Concerns
  • All the Ingredients for Genocide: Is West Papua the Next East Timor?
  • Papuan Prisoner of Conscience Filep Karma Returns to Abepura Prison from Jakarta Medical Treatment
  • Calls Mount For SBY to Inaugurate Dialogue with Papuans
  • Amnesty International Issues Urgent Action Appeal on Behalf of Olga Hamadi
  • AHRC: Police Shoot Unarmed Civilian in Nabire, Papua
  • ALRC and KontraS Denounce Government's Failure to Accept Key UPR Recommendations

Urgent Action: Fears for Papuan activists

TAPOL Urgent Action: Fears for Papuan activists

16 October 2012

Papuan political activists and human rights defenders are living in increasing fear as a result of an intensifying crackdown by Indonesian police, military and intelligence officers against activists, particularly members of the non-violent West Papua National Committee, KNPB. There are concerns that further acts of terror, intimidation, arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings against activists are imminent.

According to reports received by TAPOL, in the early hours of Tuesday 16 October Indonesian intelligence officers raided student dormitories at the University of Cenderawasih (UNCEN) in Waena, Jayapura in an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Fanny Kogoya, a member of the TIKI network of women human rights defenders, and other activists. 

Last week, on 9 October, Simson Yohame, another activist was unlawfully detained and forced by intelligence officers to reveal the whereabouts of Fanny Kogoya and Viktor Yeimo, leader of the KNPB.    

These incidents followed the arrests in late September of eight people in the highland town of Wamena after police targeted homes and offices of KNPB members.

The targeting of KNPB activists appears to have intensified after the killing of the KNPB leader Mako Tabuni, on 14 June 2012. Officers of Indonesia's counter-terrorism unit, Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88), funded and trained by Australia, the US and the UK, are thought to have been involved in the killing of Mako Tabuni and the arrest of the KNPB members in Wamena. 

Please call or write to the authorities urging them to:

  • End the campaign of terror, intimidation and violence against human rights defenders and political activists, particularly members of KNPB
  • Guarantee the safety of Fanny Kogoya, Viktor Yeimo, and others who have been targeted. 
  • End the deployment of Densus 88 to Papua, investigate all allegations of human rights violations by Densus 88 officers and other security forces personnel and bring those responsible to justice.

Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
President of Republic of Indonesia
Istana Negara
Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara
Jakarta Pusat 10010 Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 386 3777
Fax: +62 21 344 2223

Inspector General Tito Karnavian
Papua Police Chief (Kapolda)
Jl. Samratulangi No. 8 Jayapura,
Papua, Indonesia
Tel: +62 811 161 777
Fax: +62 967 531717