Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oppose Indonesia Joining the TPP

ETAN is helping to circulate a petition demanding Indonesia President not sign on to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

Go here to sign English language version of the petition

The Bahasa Indonesia version is here.

Here are 11 reasons to oppose Indonesia joining the TPP
1. Eliminating state control over the public sector
2. Strengthen the dominance of foreign corporation in the procurement of government goods and services
3. 'Disempower' SOEs for the national interest
4. Eliminating access to cheap medicines
5.Threaten food sovereignty and the sovereignty of the farmers
6. Preserve the oppression of Labor
7. Crush small businesses, medium enterprises and cooperatives
8. Enlarge the trade deficit
9. Importing American laws 
10. Weaken the country's position when in the dispute with multinational corporations
11. Threaten freedom of expression, information and knowledge on the Internet
Additonal information from Indonesia for Global Justicefacebook