Friday, August 21, 2009

SBY, Kopassus and You

According to the Jakarta Post, President Susilo Yudhoyono, betrayed no sense of irony in asserting that the Indonesia's military should be active in the country's "war against terrorism," as he received an award from the TNI's notorious Kopassus. If the word terrorism has any meaning, it applies to Kopassus' mode of operation.

Sign ETAN's petition opposing any U.S. training of Kopassus!

The history of Kopassus human rights violations, its criminality and its unaccountability before Indonesian courts extends back decades and includes human rights and other crimes in East Timor, Aceh, West Papua and elsewhere. The crimes of Kopassus are not only in the past. A recently published Human Rights Watch report details ongoing Kopassus human right violations in West Papua.

See the letter signed by more than 50 U.S. organizations opposing training for Kopassus

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