Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reflections on 20th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre

worth reading:

Reflections for the Progressive Student Group: Twenty Year Santa Cruz Commemoration at Dili University

By Charles Scheiner, ETAN and La’o Hamutuk


[T]he foreigners responsible for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against the Timorese people have not been held accountable. 
These were international crimes – the Indonesian invasion of Portuguese Timor (RDTL after 28 November 1975, but Indonesian aggression started before that) violated international law, as dud the thousands of massacres, tortures, rapes, killings and other crimes that were part of the occupation. When people are ordered or paid by one government to commit crimes against people in another country, those are international crimes. When other governments, including my own, give political, military, diplomatic or financial support to these crimes, they also become criminals.

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Remembering the Santa Cruz Massacre: A guide to recent commentary and some archival resources on this landmark event (November 2011)

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