Saturday, December 17, 2011

Occupy Jakarta on Papua and Freeport

Max Lane reports that Occupy Jakarta's general assembly passed a resolution on Papua after a week's debate.
"The main points were: an end to all violence against the people of Papua; withdraw the army and police from Papua; freeze Freeport and its assets and hand over its future to a decision of the Freeport workers, local people and traditional leaders; Indonesia must immediately improve infrastructural, health and education facilities; a free dialogue between the Papuan people, Indonesian people and government on the future of Papua, excluding anybody who has received funds from Freeport; democratic rights for the Papuan people as well as efforts to increase productivity there; end stigmatisation of Papuans as criminals or separatists; bring Freeport to justice for human rights violations, environmental damage and violence towards workers; and Freeport to agree to the wage demands of Freeport workers."
Occupy Jakarta, inspired by Occupy Wall Street pickets daily outside the Jakarta stock exchange. It can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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