Sunday, October 18, 2015

West Papua Report  October 2015


This edition's Perspective presents the views of the governments of Solomon Islands, Tonga and Indonesia as presented during the UN General Assembly's general debate.

Update summarizes the recent meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum where West Papua was prominent on the agenda. The Forum agreed to send a "fact-finding mission" to West Papua. The Widodo Administration to revive and expand the Merauke Industrial Food and Energy Estate Project (MIFEE), a project that will have disastrous consequences for local Papuans. Police twice this month assaulted Papuan students in the Timika area, killing one. The Defense Minister has announced plans to resume recruiting paramilitaries in certain areas, including West Papua. There is a long tradition of military employment of nationalist thugs to intimidate local populations. The investigation  of the December 2014 Paniai police murder of Papuans remains stalled.

Chronicle: New report over emphasizes alleged Papuan violence at the expense of what it even calls the "far larger and far more active presence" of the political pressure groups within and outside West Papua. Maori Television broadcasts first directly-reported segments on West Papua by a New Zealand network. Indonesian diplomat answers article on growing international efforts by West Papuans.

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