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From the Past - Mark Thomas Comedy Product on weapons sales to Indonesia

Mark Thomas of the sets up his own phony PR company at an Arms Fair in Greece. There he met with then Indonesia's Maj. Gen. Widjojo and later with Col. Hakim. Widjojo went on to be a member of the bi-lateral Commission for Truth and Friendship.  The segments were originally broadcast January 13 and 20, 1999.

From Sunday Telegraph (London),   January 17, 1999, Sunday, "Indonesians admit torture in TV 'sting'"
THE Indonesian army has admitted for the first time that it tortures people "sometimes", during an investigative "sting" by a television stand-up comedian.

Col Halim Nawi, the Indonesian defence attache to London, made the admission while attempting to hire the comedian-turned-investigative journalist, Mark Thomas, believing him to be a public relations consultant who could "turn around" the Indonesian army's "negative" image....

Another senior officer, Major Gen Widjojo, is filmed at an arms fair telling Mr Thomas that "we did some tortures to protect the security of society. It is not widespread, but we do have to do it sometimes....

Mark Thomas s03e01 Arms Fair (January 13, 1999)
- all three parts link from here.

Mark sets up a PR company at an arms fair in Greece and interviews Major General Widjojo from Indonesia. "After discussing with the Major General the Army`s involvement in the massacre of 271 innocent civilians in a churchyard, I spent the afternoon with an Iranian arms dealer talking through whether a mortar bomb could be the solution to moles on my back lawn"

Mark Thomas s03e01 Arms Fair Part 1

Mark Thomas s03e01 Arms Fair Part 2

Mark Thomas s03e01 Arms Fair Part 3


'Indonesian Torture' Channel 4 Jan 20, 1999

More fun with the arms trade, Mark pitches for PR training for the Indonesian army and has a look at the UK arms export industry and what the DTI lets it get away with.

all three parts link from here 

Mark Thomas s03e02 Arms Fair Part 1

Mark Thomas s03e02 Arms Fair Pt 2

Mark Thomas s03e02 Arms Fair pt 3

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