Friday, May 21, 2010

Admiral Blair resigns as intelligence czar, current Pacific special ops chief goes rogue

Adm. Dennis C. Blair has resigned as President Obama's Director of National Intelligence - effective Friday, May 28.

ETAN opposed his nomination because of his actions in 1999, when he served as U.S. Commander in Chief of the Pacific (CINCPAC). At the time,  when he signaled ongoing support to the Indonesian military as they and their militia proxies were harassing and killing pro-independence supporters in the lead-up to East Timor's UN-organized independence referendum. Also see here.

According to news reports, the head of the Special Operations Command Pacific recently went off the reservation in Indonesia. According to the Indonesian pressRear Admiral Sean A Pybus pledged to TNI Commander General Djoko Santoso normalization of the U.S. relationship with with Indonesia's Kopassus special forces soon.

No so fast, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta issued a statement clarifying 
that a recent Indonesian media report of an impending restoration of a cooperation between the US armed forces and Indonesian Army Special Forces (Kopassus) was false...The US Government is reviewing its policy on Kopassus but has not yet made a decision,” the press statement said.

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